A Chinese dream? Migrant health under the hukou system

Internal migration in China occurs on a massive scale. When working at this scale it is all too easy to overlook the individual. Here, I begin to unravel the complex health-related consequences of migration from the perspective of the individual migrant. … More A Chinese dream? Migrant health under the hukou system

Topic 5: Reflection

I chose to focus my response to this topic on open access (OA) from the perspective of an academic. While I had some basic knowledge on this topic already, I had very little appreciation of its scope; it certainly proved a challenge to remain concise. Hesitation over the transition to OA is evidently the result … More Topic 5: Reflection

Topic 5: Open Access for the Average Academic

[Source: https://youtu.be/AzcMEwAxSP8?t=2m10s]. What is open access? Click here to find out… Clearly, disparity exists with regard to knowledge accessibility in today’s society. Paradoxically, it appears that despite an increasingly digital society, information is not effectively reaching the intended audience. This is because journals charge for access rights; they essentially have a monopoly on research dissemination (Harnad … More Topic 5: Open Access for the Average Academic

Topic 4: Reflection

The learning curve from this topic has been exponential! There has been such great peer-to-peer interaction, and some stimulating intellectual conversations have emerged as a result. I chose to pursue a more technical aspect of social media and examine how tracking technologies are used in the corporate world and the extent to which they are (un)ethical. Others have … More Topic 4: Reflection

Topic 4: Corporate Social Media & the Dark Side of the Web

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? Well, the technologies utilised by businesses within social media might mean that you really are being watched. Substantial ethical issues are raised as a result, predominantly regarding privacy; social media may not be the safe haven many believe it to be. The Bright Side: It … More Topic 4: Corporate Social Media & the Dark Side of the Web

Topic 3: Reflection

As part of this topic, I have learnt that creating and managing professional, authentic online identities is far from easy. A great deal of time and effort is needed to maintain high-quality profiles (Nyman, 2014b). From conversations with staff from the University’s ILIaD department, I discovered an alternative platform on which to create an authentic … More Topic 3: Reflection

Topic 3: Professional Profiles

Why create a professional online profile? The video below provides a neat summary of how creating a professional online identity, through a ‘personal brand’, can be beneficial (see 3:14-3:47). (Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25217962) How can I create such a profile? There are many ways to create a professional online identity. However, considering that LinkedIn is the primary social … More Topic 3: Professional Profiles