ISIC15 – Day 1*

As far as first impressions go, India has certainly set the bar high for me. Having never travelled to a country quite like this one, it did come as quite a shock but that is exactly what I wanted to experience. The chaotic car journey to the university was a great adrenaline-fuelled start to the day and it certainly gave me enough energy needed to carry on after the long-haul flights!

Upon arriving at an incredibly welcoming OP Jindal Global University, we got involved in a unique activity set by Josie which involved us spontaneously creating innovative visual aids and presenting them to the group. We then divided ourselves into set groups and began discussing basic ideas for the ISIC projects themselves. In our group’s case, we focussed on public transport and began mind mapping some of the issues that women face when utilising the bus, taxi, auto and metro services.

What do I want to gain from ISIC 2015? First and foremost I wish to make a positive impact on the lives of Indian women and those in the wider community – both in India and in the UK. Of course, I’m also interested in experiencing as much of India as I possibly can, to help develop myself personally, try new things and take myself out of the comfort zone I am accustomed to.

Here’s to day number 2…


A short summary of the ISIC15 programme, by Jeremy (Founding Director of JSiE):

To keep up to date with our work, follow our official JSiE photographer:

To find out more about the ISIC-15 programme, take a look at a newly refurbished website here:

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