ISIC15 – Day 4

It’s only day 4, and already we ask ourselves where the time is going!

Following an insightful talk by the ever-inspiring Josie, we were taught perhaps the most important lesson we could take home to the UK… We arrived in India having assumed that because of the entirely dissimilar cultures, the problems facing both societies would be just as contrasting. However, we were surprised. Despite the differences each nationality exhibits – the things that make us unique – we have a great deal of similarities with regards to the issues our societies face. Indeed the only variation is the prevalence of the issue and the methods by which we chose to solve them.

This proves a perfect opportunity for international collaboration and discussion, hence the International Social Innovation Challenge 2015 (ISIC15) project.

A great deal of tears were shed today… Demotivation  is taking hold, but we are getting on so well, and that has helped provide us with the determination and stamina we need. Friends for life, I’m sure.

On a sadder note, today we received our final talk by Rahul Nainwal, Founder of UnLtd Delhi. The theme of this talk and interactive session was ideation. This involved us conjuring up plenty of ideas prior to any development or decision making. In order to do this, we needed to establish a creative working environment. So we moved the furniture to suit our needs and made use of the space and materials around us. For a period of 10 minutes, we had to individually think of as many ideas to solve the generic (nation-wide) problem of female empowerment as possible, no matter how simple or ridiculous the ideas sounded. Essentially we should’ve been writing down whatever came into our heads without a second thought. We learnt that this spontaneity often harbours the richest pool of ideas.

Once our group collaboration session was over, we were able to use this ideation task as a means to identify and come to a decision regarding our beneficiary group. We decided today that we should focus on female employees at OPJG University that make use of public transport here in Sonepat and remain vulnerable while in transit.

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