ISIC – Day 5

“The Productive Day”.

Today has been coined with this term for obvious reasons: it was productive. After hours of deliberation and intense brain-racking, we finally got somewhere! For this progress we owe special thanks to the supplementary Jindal members in our team.

We were tasked with more ideation today, to begin honing in on a specific beneficiary group and think about potential feasible solutions to their difficulties. From one rather weak idea, we developed thre plausible innovations that we could implement. The first providing a solution for public transport safety; the second for local energy usage; and third for education and social mobility.
Following this intense day of emotional labour, we were able to ‘relax’ by venturing into the murky depths of the nearby Sonepat market. Our aim: to retrieve Dandiya sticks for our cultural performance on Thursday night. After near-death experiences with mopeds and their Gran Prix-like speeds, and uncomfortably enduring hoards of oogling men (as our company included females), we eventually managed to buy some Dandiya sticks and of course some traditional gifts of a ludicrously cheap nature!

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