ISIC – Day 6

NDTV Studios

“The day we became international stars”… Okay that’s an exaggeration but it’s our only claim to fame!

The early start was well worth it, as we were fortunate enough to be a part of the NDTV news broadcast. We were interviewed by — on the Indian national news channel NDTV. The show is broadcast to 20 million people in 35 countries. This is exactly the publicity a project this needs. Although the questions weren’t exactly what we were hoping for, the message was clear. It served as an opportunity to educate and inform others about feminine emancipation; to get them thinking about innovation and entrepreneurship (on both local and national scales); and to allow people to realise the potential rewards that can be accessed/unlocked through international cooperation. [methods of best practice].

We hope that our work will take great shape in the coming days, and that it will gain the voice it deserves through every channel possible. In time, perhaps social innovation and entrepreneurship will continue to grow as it is today, but faster and more efficiently.

Khan market

To relax after the news broadcast, we explored the Khan Market.

Cultural performance

Tonight was the big night. The night Jindal students were waiting for, and the night Southampton students were dreading. The risk of looking like a complete fool Infront of our international friends was high. Although we did not even remotely compare to the talent that OPJG University and the University of Lahore is graced with, we did nonetheless appear to entertain, and that is all we could have asked for.
Josie & Pathik tried also – with a remix (perhaps) of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap – but one out of the two Southampton staff was less keen to be rid of their dignity…

Nonetheless, what an incredible night, thank you to all Jindal and Lahore students!

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