China: Day 8-9

To be completed…

Days 8 and 9 involve an overnight stay in Chenzhou, a similar coastal city to Xiamen but a 1.5 hour drive to the north.
Chenzhou is renowned for being the cultural centre of Fujian province. By this, I mean that the city has a great history of multiculturalism. There are amalgamations of Buddhism and Christianity represented by colourful temples – characteristic of southern provinces – situated next to other religious centres like mosques, that are less commonplace but equally as beautiful. Both the temples and mosques are architectural masterpieces by their own rights: the former typically constructed of dark woods, with fine engravings and bright colours (a contribution from Buddism) yet no nails were used to support such large constructions; and the latter typically based around stone materials with gold detailing. What is refreshing, is that in a country with seemingly monotonous religious views – either Buddhism or atheism, the open doors of such religious centres in Fujian suggests to me that this long-standing trend of multiculturalism is still alive.

Since the drive would be 1.5 hours, Cathy had plenty of time to provide us with background information about Chenzhou city as well as Fujian province more generally.

(Detail to follow)

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