China: Day 4

No time for breakfast as we started at 8:30. Today we spent the day in Nanjing visiting the Hakka Towers. The Hakka villages are extremely old settlements that were built with the aim of protecting entire communities during times of invasion. They would achieve this as i) entire communities are housed within a single tower; and ii) they are largely self-sustaining, with animals such as chickens living on the ground floor and there are in excess of 30 wells per tower (one in each room or living quarters). Older towers are square shaped, but the slightly more recent towers are circular [I need to clarify why this is the case]. Also as is always the case during development, inhabitants are no longer required to specialise in such a variety of skills. Nowadays jobs serving as local blacksmiths or carpenters et cetera are redundant, as tourism provides the majority of income for these communities. Good cooking skills are still vital of course! Such trends have been apparent throughout our stay here in Fujian province.

[To be finished. Final part of this blog post will include: the Nanjing village walk, along with my interesting summer drink (a local speciality that no one was willing to try!)].

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