A New Found Love

I have been fortunate enough to experience a few new sports since my time began here in Canada… i) American Football ii) Ice Hockey iii) Baseball   My favourite so far has to be Ice Hockey. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved Baseball, but if I had to choose between them, Ice Hockey gets the … More A New Found Love

A Second Shot

Take 2. On Tuesday morning, I got another chance to go up into the skies. The weather seemed worse today, there was a layer of thin cloud looming overhead as I made my way to the University Main Gates bus stop, but the weather forecast remained adamant that it would clear in a matter of hours. … More A Second Shot

An International Student: First Impressions of Western

As soon as one journey ends, another begins… I am now a student of the University of Western Ontario. Having arrived five days ago, I think I’m now in a good position to write a post about my first impressions. I’ve had chance to explore the campus and a small portion of London, and I’ve met … More An International Student: First Impressions of Western