A New Found Love

I have been fortunate enough to experience a few new sports since my time began here in Canada…

i) American Football

ii) Ice Hockey

iii) Baseball


My favourite so far has to be Ice Hockey. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved Baseball, but if I had to choose between them, Ice Hockey gets the biscuit, just… The game never seems to stop. It’s one massive adrenaline rush, and the skill involved in controlling the puck while on ice is utterly amazing. The skaters glide around the rink as though it were as simple as walking on plain ground; they switch between forward, backward and sideways skating seamlessly. If this isn’t difficult enough, they’ve got to manoeuvre around other players, dodge incoming hockey sticks, control the puck, aim for the minuscule space that is the goal, and fight their nemesis on the opposing team without catching the attention of the referees! It’s pretty awe-inspiring and fast-paced stuff. I say this, and I’m yet to experience a NHL game. Although the Junior League has just begun, so watch this space for the London Knights!


Just to ease any tensions: Once I’ve seen a Knights game, I’ll be in a better position to compare the two!

One thought on “A New Found Love

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