Defending us the ‘Millennials’

We live in a world increasingly divided. Divided thanks to a whole host of reasons, some of which stem from inequalities, inequities, or injustices. Others originate from, and are exacerbated unnecessarily by, the world’s media in a selfish attempt to fulfil their own agendas. We, the so-called ‘millennials’, have also been subject to accusations of being hopeless, even … More Defending us the ‘Millennials’

“HOCO” 2016

“HOCO”, or Home Coming to you and I, is an age-old tradition here on the other side of the Atlantic. Supposedly an event held to invite alumni and other ex-students back to celebrate their time at the University. Little did I anticipate what was in store for us uninformed and inexperienced exchange students… Little did we know … More “HOCO” 2016