A Land Far, Far Away


When you hear the phrase ‘far, far away’ what do you think of? Perhaps the magical kingdom from the Shrek saga, or even a Utopian island getaway? For very few would the Syrian capital of Aleppo spring to mind. Yet this too is a land far away; a land that seems unimaginable and intangible to the unaware. For some the issue is of the utmost importance and for others, very little thought is afforded to the middle-eastern conflict – much like the Ostrich mentality. It is the latter group that I address in this post.

As we speak, the Syrian region remains a land besieged and bombarded. The conflict is about as controversial and complex as they get. Yet I wonder if you have heard of the 7 year old girl that keeps an online diary? I urge you to take a look.

My intentions here are not to force an opinion in a bigoted fashion, as that is exactly what my blog is against (and I often assume ‘the fence’ position when it comes to matters of security vs. human rights; I see both sides clearly). I simply wish to open minds to an alternate view; a point of view that may not have been considered previously.


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