Topic 2 – Who are we?

To introduce this topic, here is a recent TED talk by Ulrike Schultze. She utilises the online virtual world ‘Second Life‘ to illustrate the ways in which online social media can impact on the formation of our identity. Of particular relevance is her summary, between 12:24 and 13:52, that emphasises the fluid nature of identities and alludes … More Topic 2 – Who are we?

Topic 1: A Brief Reflection

Having considered what it means to be a digital ‘native’, ‘immigrant’, ‘resident’ and ‘visitor’, I now understand their relative characteristics, merits and flaws. I began this topic with the assumption that I would naturally exemplify a digital ‘native’, in accordance with Prensky’s (2001) original concept, owing to my age and technological abilities. Upon conducting research, and exploring … More Topic 1: A Brief Reflection

UoSM2008 – Topic 1

In today’s increasingly digital and dynamic world, it is no surprise that the conceptualisation of ‘Digital Natives’ and ‘Digital Immigrants’ by Prensky (2001) has been fiercely debated. Articles emerged just two years after Prensky’s original theory claiming that such a concept is outdated (White and Le Cornu, 2011), and this is testament to the digital world’s … More UoSM2008 – Topic 1