Topic 1: A Brief Reflection

Having considered what it means to be a digital ‘native’, ‘immigrant’, ‘resident’ and ‘visitor’, I now understand their relative characteristics, merits and flaws. I began this topic with the assumption that I would naturally exemplify a digital ‘native’, in accordance with Prensky’s (2001) original concept, owing to my age and technological abilities. Upon conducting research, and exploring others’ blog posts, I soon realised that the original concept is now deemed too simplistic and outdated.

Throughout this topic, I have gained a more holistic perspective on the idea of digital literacies. An image in Tatiana’s post (original by Vojvodic) summarises the crude assumptions made by Prensky. No one is born digitally fluent; fluency must be acquired and practiced. Parcherlock’s comment on my blog really got me thinking. Digital literacies may appear almost universal, yet in reality, this is not always the case. Interacting with other students on this topic made it all the more interesting and rewarding for me, particularly seeing a variety of interpretations and conceptualisations of the topic (see discussion with Rebecca; and my comments on Harriet’s and Oliver’s blogs).

This has not only been a learning experience with regard to the broader study of digital literacies, but also with regard to my own abilities. The abilities of adjusting to a new active online community, developing my online presence and becoming accustomed to self-assessment through reflecting on my work in this very blog post. These are largely new skills for me, and yet I already see progress. Progress from learning, applying new knowledge, sharing it through blogging, and reflecting on the overall experience (Figure 3). I recognise that I am yet to make full use of visual and interactive aids, but I will get there with the next iteration. Perhaps I will become more akin to a ‘resident’ with each topic I explore…

Figure 3


Prensky, M. (2001) Digital natives, digital immigrants. On the Horizon, 9 (5), 1-6.

Vojvodic, B. (2014) Digital Native [image]. Available at:! [Accessed 15th February 2017].



One thought on “Topic 1: A Brief Reflection

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