ISIC – Day 6

NDTV Studios “The day we became international stars”… Okay that’s an exaggeration but it’s our only claim to fame! The early start was well worth it, as we were fortunate enough to be a part of the NDTV news broadcast. We were interviewed by — on the Indian national news channel NDTV. The show is … More ISIC – Day 6

ISIC – Day 5

“The Productive Day”. Today has been coined with this term for obvious reasons: it was productive. After hours of deliberation and intense brain-racking, we finally got somewhere! For this progress we owe special thanks to the supplementary Jindal members in our team. We were tasked with more ideation today, to begin honing in on a … More ISIC – Day 5

ISIC15 – Day 3

“The Inspiring Day”. British Council round table on women empowerment. Sakah Cabs (Azad foundation). Incredible women. Empowered, strong, resilient, defying and inspirational. This motivated us greatly to achieve our goals in this ISIC challenge.

ISIC15 – Day 2

Guest speakers from UnLtd India began the day by encouraging us to work as a team and discuss the various issues that Indian women face today, and how these issues differ between both the UK and India. After thorough discussion, team-building exercises and beginning to hone in on a project idea, 5 of us were … More ISIC15 – Day 2

ISIC15 – Day 1*

As far as first impressions go, India has certainly set the bar high for me. Having never travelled to a country quite like this one, it did come as quite a shock but that is exactly what I wanted to experience. The chaotic car journey to the university was a great adrenaline-fuelled start to the … More ISIC15 – Day 1*