Topic 5: Reflection

I chose to focus my response to this topic on open access (OA) from the perspective of an academic. While I had some basic knowledge on this topic already, I had very little appreciation of its scope; it certainly proved a challenge to remain concise. Hesitation over the transition to OA is evidently the result … More Topic 5: Reflection

Hitting the Road

My exchange programme is over. It’s time to leave Canada and return to the UK. But before I fly back, I will spend some time with family on this side of the Atlantic (or as we like to call it, the ‘pond’). Fortunately my parents decided to join me in London, so we made the … More Hitting the Road

A Divided World

What a world we live in… Over the past year or so, the world has witnessed a great deal of change and numerous unforeseen events. From the EU refugee crisis; increasing tensions between EU and Russia; the UK vote for Brexit; to the surge of terrorist activity – particularly from ISIS; increased shootings of vulnerable groups in … More A Divided World

Defending us the ‘Millennials’

We live in a world increasingly divided. Divided thanks to a whole host of reasons, some of which stem from inequalities, inequities, or injustices. Others originate from, and are exacerbated unnecessarily by, the world’s media in a selfish attempt to fulfil their own agendas. We, the so-called ‘millennials’, have also been subject to accusations of being hopeless, even … More Defending us the ‘Millennials’